Talking to your gremlins about the Sugar Monster

sugar-monster-blog-post-picOne question people ask about when they inquire on The 21-Day Sugar Detox is, is this safe for my kids/family because I do not want to cook separate meals? My answer: heck yes! One common misconception is that it’s a diet. Here is a little secret; it absolutely is NOT! So when you are planning dinners for the family, you can make it work for everyone! And, while you are working on busting those gnarly sugar and carb cravings, what better time to talk to your kids about them?!

A fellow 21-Day Sugar Detox Coach has written an article that is featured on The 21DSD Blog that gives some amazing advice on how to explain the sugar monster to children and it is phenomenal! There are so many negative effects that sugar has on our bodies but it’s so hard to explain that to children because it tastes amazing. There is an elegant medium between discussing nutrition and creating a negative relationship with food.

I absolutely love the main ideas; BE HONEST, KEEP IT SIMPLE, MAKE IT RELATEABLE!

Go check out the post here! While you’re there, be sure to check out previous posts and recipes! The blog is a great resource for information and recipes! Diane and her team of peeps are totally amazing at researching what they do, there is no fluff or falsities going on!

Now What?

If you want to learn more about The 21-Day Sugar Detox, send me an e-mail and let’s chat! I’d love to work with you and/or your family too! As a 21-Day Sugar Detox Certified Coach I have some great resources to offer that you won’t find elsewhere! If you have any questions at all, fill out the contact form!


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