What is so helpful about eating healthy?


In today’s world there are so many different definitions for healthy eating. So many categories or programs out there making all sorts of health claims. When you first decide that it’s time for a change it is super overwhelming on where to start. What option out of all those gimmicks will truly help improve your health?

Some programs teach you how to count points and based on your goals each day you get a certain number of points. Other programs sell you outrageously priced, over processed supplements that you eat while limiting your calories to an obnoxiously low level. Some tell you to drink a specific concoction for 3 days and you will lose 10lbs! Or maybe the program suggests reading labels. Make sure its low fat and/or sugar free. No wonder 2/3 of Americans are obese. No one knows where to start!!

Here is my problem with all those ideas listed above; I believe most of them create a negative relationship with food.

Let me start by saying, there is no quick fix. If you truly want to improve your health then know it will take time. And secondly, it will take REAL food. I struggled with self esteem issues for a lot of my life and those mostly revolved around weight/appearance. So I counted calories. I ate celery and those amazing little 100 calorie snack packs of oreos. But did that do anything for me or my health? Nope!

I didn’t see an improvement in my healthy until I discovered Paleo. In 2010 Paleo was not widely known, in fact I could only find one book about it! But my boss at the time was super into health and fitness and she was “doing paleo” so I did some research. Such an extreme concept to toss the processed junk and eat only REAL FOOD. But my goodness what an amazing benefit eating that way can have.

I packed up all our processed foods and filled the fridge with nutrient dense foods! It was definitely a rough transition because I over thought the process but my husband and I reaped some amazing health benefits. He noticed a drastic improvement in his asthma and didn’t rely so heavily on his rescue inhaler. I dropped to my lowest weight I could ever remember. (It was even lower than the weight on my drivers license! Come on, I can’t be the only one who fibs a few pounds on that thing.) He also noticed weight improvements! Weight loss isn’t always part of being healthy but in our case, we had put on some newlywed pounds so we were happy to see them go.

So the way I define “Eating Healthy” is by eating whole foods. I recommend a Paleo diet for those just starting out because it is a way of eating that is just that, whole foods. If an item has to go through a factory before you can eat it, then don’t eat it! A good transition to Paleo is The 21-Day Sugar Detox program that I coach! It’s a good jump start to eliminate the processed junk and teach you how to sub out the calorie dense, nutrient poor foods with foods that are nutrient dense!

My clients have noticed so many health benefits including eliminating joint pain, headaches and the necessity for that afternoon cup of coffee. Other clients who have transitioned to a Paleo lifestyle have noticed that previous digestive dysfunction has cleared up, aches and pains have subsided and they lost weight just from dietary changes.

So the definition of healthy eating (at least on this blog) is a whole foods based diet! If it has to go through a factory in order for you to eat it, then DO NOT EAT IT!!

And why is a whole foods based diet (eating healthy) helpful to your body? Because instead of riding a blood sugar roller coaster by feeding our body processed sugar and carbs, our body is fueled by nutrient dense foods that stock our nutrient stores and help our body function properly.  Think about it, would you put regular gasoline in your Ferrari? Probably not. Your body, and all the amazing things it does day-to-day, is an amazing work of art. So why would you fill it with junk?


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