What’s so essential about Essential Oils?

img_3564My apologies that this is up a few days late! I attempted to schedule a post and apparently I still have some learning to do. Anywho, below you can find my interview with Doterra Essential Oil Manager, Chelsea Ewing from Home of Ewing.

I have heard a lot of things about essential oils but I never really new what the big deal was about them. A few friends had felt the same so I thought I would get our questions answered once and for all! I also reached out on my Facebook page and Instagram to see if any of my followers had questions too!

I hope you find that these questions answer anything you have pondered! If not, her contact info is at the end and I encourage you to follow her and/or reach out! She is very knowledgeable about oils.


1. Is it best to apply coconut oil prior to applying oils to adults or in general is it fine to directly apply to skin?

It’s always a good idea to use a carrier oil, like coconut or almond, when applying essential oils since they are highly concentrated. dōTERRA’s essential oils can be applied neat (without dilution) but some adults find that skin irritation occurs if you skip the carrier oil. Glass roller bottles or spray bottles are a great way to have essential oils ready to go.

2. What are the best oils to use for a headache/migraine?

Using essential oils is a trial and error process to find which oils your body responds to best. For headaches, I would start by diluting peppermint, rosemary and/or frankinsence and massaging it into your temples, forehead and the back of your neck. dōTERRA has a special blend of 9 essential oils called Past Tense in a ready to use roller bottle that is specifically for headaches and migraines. If you have a wholesale account, this blend is only $18.50 (retail is $24.67).

3. What is your favorite oil to diffuse during the day?

It’s so hard to choose just one! I’m always looking to counteract stress throughout the day and often find myself diffusing dōTERRA’s Balance blend.

4. I’ve heard a lot about essential oils but don’t really know what they are. Can you explain it a bit?

Essential oils are extracted from plant life (leaves, buds, bark, peels, etc.) through either steam distillation or a cold-pressed process. These oils have therapeutic properties that we can reap benefits from without chemical side effects. Essential oils are easily digested by your liver because they aren’t synthetic and have been used since bible days!

5. Where is the best place on your body to apply oils?

This all depends on what ailment you are treating. I encourage anyone looking for specifics to email me at homeofewing@yahoo.com. A great place to start is the bottoms of your feet.

6. What kinds of things can I use oils in? (food, cleaning, etc.)

You can use oils almost anywhere! There are literally HUNDREDS of places you can use essential oils around the house and out and about your day. I have some great ideas on my Instagram @homeofewing. Did you know, you can replace chemical ridden dryer sheets by switching to 100% wool dryer balls with a few drops of your favorite essential oil?

7. Is it safe to use oils on infants/kids?

Absolutely, as long as you dilute. Roller bottles are the way to go. I personally don’t use essential oils on infants less than 3 months old because of how new and sensitive their skin is.

When talking about 10ml roller bottles, the Home of Ewing uses 1 drop of essential oil for each YEAR of age and fill the rest with a carrier oil like fractionated coconut oil or almond oil. For example, for an 8 month old with digestive troubles we add 1 drop of Digestzen and fill the rest of the roller bottle with a carrier oil. For a 9 year old with the same troubles, 9 drops of essential oil and fill the rest with a carrier oil. (We don’t recommend exceeding 30 drops for adults.)

ALSO, there are certain oils that I would NOT recommend for use on infants/children for various reasons. Including Clary Sage, “minty” oils, rosemary and Oregano. For dilution suggestions, you can contact me at homeofewing@yahoo.com.

8. Is there anyone who should not use oils?

I recommend that those with hypotension (low blood pressure) or are on medication for hypertension (high blood pressure) avoid essential oils. This is because many essential oils dilate arteries creating an increased blood flow, which is beneficial to a person in overall good health, however a sudden change in blood flow to someone with pressure issues could be troublesome. Use caution with very young infants as well. Newborns have such delicate skin that essential oils can be an irritant. Our family chooses to wait until 3 months of age before using heavily diluted dōTERRA.

9. I think I’m ready to try some out, now what?

Visit www.homeofewing.com and click on the “Join & Save” link. While you’re visiting, be sure to check out the “Diy” and “Recipes” tabs for fun ideas!

Check out her Instagram or Facebook page for ideas and information!



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